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Asha Jeevan Home and Care Giving Centre offers its services to senior citizens, especially the bedridden and those who require assistance. People from affluent families are left at Asha Jeevan for practical problems including care- giving. Since the help line for geriatric care is rare in Bangalore, Asha Jeevan started a Geriatric Home and started admitting people with the above ailments. In that regard Asha Jeevan takes care of these people by offering them regular Doctor visits including complete nursing care if required.

Services provided at Asha Jeevan include furnished accommodation, vegetarian food, counseling and occupational therapy under expert guidance.

Ambulance service is available as Asha Jeevan has ambulances to rush the residents to the hospitals in case of emergencies, thanks to our donors Mrs. Madhu Bhandari from M/s. Anant Bhandari Trust and Mrs. Kumkum Bagaria from M/s. Kemwell Industries.

Nursing services include drips facility, injections, bedsore care, nasal feeding, catheter insertion and care, oxygen service, simple physiotherapy, enema, etc.

Solar water heaters provide the daily bath water with Gujarat boilers being used on cloudy days. Asha Jeevan is equipped with a generator for power supply.

End-stage help is also provided as some families such as those who are not in the same city/ country expect us to do the last rites of the deceased resident. When such instructions are given in writing, Asha Jeevan does the needful.



Asha Jeevan now has twelve thousand square feet of building for the Care Giving Centre in its own premises for the accommodation of people from all sections of society. The main building consists of 37 rooms in four floors, all providing a homely atmosphere.

There are single, double and triple occupancy Rooms with attached Toilets, Dormitory, Office room, Pooja Room, Dining rooms on each floor, Kitchen, Laundry, Visitors room, Recreation room, Library and an open courtyard.

A spacious ramp built for wheelchair access provides the way to the upper floors and for the use of stretchers in emergencies. The construction of a lift is underway and will be ready soon.

Apart from this, Asha Jeevan has constructed the Retirement Homes unit consisting of cottages. Twelve cottages have been built for single and double occupancy only, each having a Room, attached Toilet, Utility area and an independent Sit-out. Residents can keep their own belongings in these cottages and can cook if they wish to or use their own computers or microwave cookers if they so desire. This Unit too is wheelchair friendly.

The Prayer cum Meditation Hall is used by the residents who find it difficult to visit a Temple for their religious requirements. It serves as a congregational space for all Asha Jeevan functions and Poojas.


Asha Jeevan provides nutritious food, with the menu planned under expert medical advice. Food is strictly vegetarian and varies from day to day. Inmates get fresh vegetables and fruits besides rice, chapati, ragi, dhalia, dhal and salads, vegetable curries, milk, coffee, tea, sprouts, etc. apart from regular proteins and vitamins.

Special attention is given to the maximum extent possible for those who require special diet such as Ryles-tube feeding, diabetics and BP patients.

Health Facilities

Asha Jeevan is attached to reputed, well-established hospitals i.e. Deepasri Hospital, Sri Sai Ram Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Fortis Hospital under the guidance of a variety of specialists, providing consultants in all departments. Doctors are also available on call. Bi-weekly medical visits by doctors to the Home enable the residents to maintain good physical health.

Basic medical equipment is available at Asha Jeevan such as Oxygen, suction machine facility, GRBS measurement glucometers, Nebulizer, Pulse oximeter, etc., maintained by the Staff nurses and paramedical staff of Asha Jeevan under the guidance of the Doctor. Water beds, hospital cots or Fowler cots, rexine beds, back rests, etc. are all provided at Asha Jeevan for the care of the residents. For further specialised or acute medical care the resident is shifted to the hospital in our own ambulance with our own attendants for treatment.

Psychiatric care for the residents is ably provided by Dr. Mamatha Shetty who is also the visiting Psychiatrist at the Home.

Yoga, meditation, group physio and stretching exercises are held every day at Asha Jeevan.

Regular dental camps at Asha Jeevan itself eliminates the need for the bedridden residents to move to the hospitals for dental care.

Recreational Activities/Library

Asha Jeevan provides a variety of indoor games like Carroms, Chess, Scrabble, Puzzles etc. We keep adding new ones to our list. Asha Jeevan organises morale boosting activities like Yoga, Bhajans and Group Singing.

To keep the residents mobile and active, Asha Jeevan encourages them to occupy themselves in candle making, envelope and card making, pot painting and other craft works. Any income from these projects is used for their other social activities.

Asha Jeevan provides simple entertainment and information facilities like newspapers and TV / VCR. The library is stocked with an interesting selection of magazines and novels in English, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. All Festivals and the birthdays of our residents are celebrated at the Home.

Sri Sathyanarayana Swamy Poojas are done every month on the auspicious full moon days. Other Poojas and Homas are also conducted regularly at the Prayer cum Meditation Hall. Religious discourses by various outside organisations are conducted once in a fortnight.

Above all, Asha Jeevan believes in the mental and spiritual peace of the residents. For such services Asha Jeevan organizes yoga and meditation instructors to pay regular visits and guide the elders depending on their age and requirement. Serious minded and dedicated members of the public visit the elders to interact with them and keep them cheerful. Children are encouraged to visit the Home and participate in the sharing of stories, of caring and of life experiences with the residents.