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We Are Overwhelmed

Our regular donor, Mr. Badrinarayan had brought his brother-in-law, Mr. CS Seshadri of Djakarta, and his wife Mrs. Shanti Seshadri, to visit the Asha Jeevan Home. Mr. Seshadri went around the facility and met the residents. When he understood the range of work being done without any government grants or sponsorship, he left us speechless by announcing a donation of five lakh rupees to the Home in memory of his father, Mr. CB Srinivasan. He presented the cheque to us amidst his sisters, uncles and his brother, Mr. Badrinarayan on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday celebrations. We would like to thank him and his family, wife Mrs. Shanti, daughter Mrs. Supraja and son Master Srijith for their most generous gesture. We pray God for his gracious blessings to Mr. CS Seshadri and his family. May his tribe increase!