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1. What are the medical facilities provided at Asha Jeevan? A general physician visits the residents every day. Psychiatrist and physiotherapist are also available. The Home has qualified nursing personnel on duty day and night along with trained paramedical staff. If needed, the qualified nursing staff take care of providing drips, catheter insertions, ryles tube insertions, basic and bedsore dressings, bladder wash, enema, etc. Asha Jeevan is equipped with machines for oxygen supply, suction, nebulisation, glucometers and also fowler cots and water beds, wheelchairs, walkers, back rests, etc. are all available at Asha Jeevan. Ambulances provide speedy transport to nearby hospitals or hospitals of choice in medical emergencies.

2. What kind of food is provided at Asha Jeevan? Only vegetarian food is provided at Asha Jeevan with simple South Indian items with the menu prepared under guidance of dietician. Food consists of soft rice, chapattis, Ragi mudde, dahlia, sambar with less salt and spice, simple vegetable dishes, salads, sprouted grams, curds, and fruits. Special dishes and sweets are made for all festivals and birthday celebrations.

3. What are the visiting hours / days to visit the Home? Relatives of residents may visit the Home on Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays between 10 am and 6 pm. However, this condition is relaxed depending on the condition of the resident and for outstation visitors. Other visitors who want to visit the Home and have a look at the facility or to help the institution in any way may visit the Home from 10 am to 6 pm any day of the week.

4. Are residents allowed to keep money, jewellery or valuables at the Home? If the resident can manage to look after their valuables, they may keep valuables with them, but Asha Jeevan cannot be held responsible for any loss of the same under any circumstances. Hence residents are encouraged to not keep any money, jewellery or valuables with them.

5. Is outside food allowed at Asha Jeevan Home? Relatives of residents may bring only biscuits and / or fruit for their relatives. Other food such as home food can be brought that is eaten immediately and relatives are requested to not bring any fried food.

6. Can residents have their own mobile phones? No, individual mobile phones are not allowed as they lead to several other problems. As the Home has its own mobile instruments, relatives and friends can call anytime and speak to their loved ones.

7. What activities are included in the daily life of the residents? There are regular yoga classes and group physio exercises in the mornings. As many of the residents cannot go outside, indoor games such as caroms, chess, etc. are provided for their leisure activities. Residents can go for a walk in the evenings along with attendants only. Crafts such as pot decoration, card making, candle making and chocolate making are done under supervision of appropriate staff.

8. Can I take them out for functions, festivals, etc? Yes, with appropriate permission from the office, by filling in the requisite form.

9. Can out- station relatives of residents stay with them during their visit to the city? Resident’s relatives may visit during the daytime, but as such, there are no residential facilities.

FAQS From Donors

1. Why should I donate to Asha Jeevan?

  • Even though Asha Jeevan collects money from certain section of the residents, a few of the residents are destitutes who need support for their general care and medical assistance including medicines as they have borderline mental disorders.
  • Because the institution receives no grants from the government or funding from any sponsor agency in looking after the destitute residents.

2. How will my money be used?

  • Donations will be used to run the institution by getting items of daily use such as provisions, vegetables, milk, etc
  • Donations are used towards getting medicines and other items for use by the destitute residents including water beds, back rests, rexine beds, etc.

4. What sort of tax exemption will get if I donate to Asha Jeevan?You will get exemption under Section 80G of the IT Act 1961.

5. What mode of payment can I make for the money donation?You may by crossed cheques and demand drafts sent to the institution or by direct bank transfers or Paypal. Details for the purpose of Bank transfer are given in the “how you can help us” page of the website.

6. What can I donate if I want to make a donation in kind?Donations in kind can include provisions of daily use such as rice, dals, pulses, oil, sugar, pulses, etc. or vegetables or milk. The Good Life brand of milk has a shelf life of 90 days. Donations of fowler cots, water beds, rexine beds, wheelchairs, etc. are also accepted.

7. How else can I help the organisation?You can help us by spreading the word about the organisation among your circle of friends so that they too can help us to support our destitute residents, maybe by sponsoring a destitute for a fixed period of time, or by providing for their medicines, etc. You may sponsor lunch / breakfast /dinner at the Home on your happy occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.

8. How can I receive the receipt?Asha Jeevan will send the receipt by scan if the donor’s email id is given. If the donor prefers receiving the receipt in hand, it will be sent by post to the address given by the donor.