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Our motto: "Help us to help the Living"

Our mission is to lend a helping hand to the hard working sons and daughters, who have no time to take care of the family's health due to their working hours, or because they just don't live close to their parents. Asha Jeevan is a service oriented organisation dedicating their services to bedridden elders who are loved by their near and dear ones. This includes people from all walks of life who are spinsters, child widows, destitute, single people and issueless elderly couple and generally people with or without a support system. As a small drop in the ocean Asha Jeevan wants to give them if not a very luxurious life, at least a reasonably comfortable life spending their twilight years in dignity and honour with their self respect intact.

As Asha Jeevan receives no government grants or funding from any sponsor agency, we are compelled to collect charges from certain sections of the residents. We look after a number of destitutes also. We need all the help we can get to keep up to our motto of "Help us to help the Living." As we look after these abandoned senior citizens without discrimination, we started asking for adoption/sponsorship of them. Sponsors do not have to pay deposits, only monthly maintenance including medical costs. To support these forsaken people we are compelled to stretch our hands towards philanthropists and other generous people. (See "How you can help us").

It is all thanks to Mr. Dayanand Pai of M/s. Century Builders, who had donated the land for our purpose and M/s. Canara Bank, who helped with a loan that we are having our own premises and building. Asha Jeevan thanks all other donors, big and small for all the help in myriad ways that have shaped Asha Jeevan to become what it is today and function with all necessary facilities.

It was with the opening of the Geriatric Homes that Asha Jeevan soon realized the acute need for professional nursing aides to help the geriatric residents maintain their personal hygiene. So Asha Jeevan started training boys and girls from the economically weaker sections at the Asha Jeevan Home under the guidance of qualified and well trained medical staff to provide such care.