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Asha Jeevan, meaning "Life with Hope", was conceived with the purpose of serving both senior citizens as well as families of people who are differently- abled due to physical or mental or other handicaps. Differently- abled seniors need constant attention in the sunset years of their lives and families who love their near and dear ones look for an institution that caters to their elder's special needs. Due to the change in the family structure - from the multi-generation family under one roof to the nucleus family - the family network system is not able to cope with those tasks. Asha Jeevan Home was visualised as a residence with a homely atmosphere so that the senior citizens would not feel uprooted from the surroundings to which they were accustomed, and to fill their remaining years with much-needed comfort, care and attention. With these objectives in mind, Asha Jeevan Home for the Aged Trust started their Home for senior citizens in March 2000, housed in rented place and is currently operating from their own premises at 57, 7th Cross, Pavamana Nagar, Kembathalli Road, Gottigere, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 083.

Asha Jeevan soon found that people from all walks of life including those who are hale and hearty and those who are partially disabled and fully bedridden elders need this kind of Home. There are many institutions which serve the elderly but very few of them are willing to accommodate a person when he falls sick or becomes dependant on others for his daily hygiene. Out of several old age homes in Bangalore mentioned in the directory from the Elder's Helpline, Asha Jeevan is one Home who take in senior citizens who are immobile and those who suffer from age related ailments

In the beginning the founder trustees were not aware of the various problems that afflict the elderly.The trustees soon realized the mental agony that families face with keeping their elders at home, that too with the difficulty in finding help to take care of the elders in a sustained manner. In such an environment, families need an institution to provide care giving, tailored to the needs of their loved ones, for which the founder trustees had been trained for 2 years under the guidance of Dr. Padma Rao.

It was with the opening of the Geriatric Homes that Asha Jeevan soon realized the acute need for professional nursing aides to help the geriatric residents maintain their personal hygiene. So Asha Jeevan started training boys and girls from the economically weaker sections at the Asha Jeevan Home under the guidance of qualified and well trained medical staff to provide such care.