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Hope for the aged, hope for new life

Wednesday, May 23, 2001 The Times of India, Bangalore

Given the furious pace of today's techno-driven life, who has the time to tend to the aged? Very few. Our parents and grandparents, once revered, are now victims of neglect. Theirs is a poignant human cause and Asha Jeevan, a city old age home, a likely answer to their prayers.

A service-oriented institution, Asha Jeevan sets out to improve the quality of life of the old by giving them an opportunity to live in dignity and comfort. It is the first of its kind in Bangalore with nursing facility catering to the needs of the inmates. While most care-houses take physically fit people, Asha Jeevan accommodates even those who need medical attention.

This one-year old institution is situated on the Bannerghatta Road with two homes, one for the men and the other for women, both equipped with medical facilities and trained attendants. It is attached to the Shanthi Polyclinic run by Dr Guru Raj Rao, who attends to all emergencies.

Sujatha Bhat, a promoter and trustee, says, "Asha Jeevan sees an increasing need to address the problems of the senior citizens".

The inmates are accommodated in furnished single, double or triple bedded rooms with attached toilets. With a dietician on hand, the institution is well placed to tend to the nutritional requirements of its inmates, particularly those with special dietary needs. Beyond rest and food, the senior citizens can recreate themselves at the institution's library, watch TV or indulge in a little indoor sport.

Janaki (74), an inmate, tells that she enjoys watching cricket from her window even though she's bedridden from a hip fracture and is Parkinson's. Another inmate, Krishnamacharya (75), a well-known violinist who once gave music to Kannada movies, is now suffering from Senile Dementia and says he enjoys his stay here.

Kalpana Mallya, a promoter and trustee of this institution, talks about the future plans, among them a baby-sitting centre and an orphanage.

Asha Jeevan, a professionally managed NGO, sustains itself on donations made by philanthropic individuals and corporate organizations and anyone with a heart for the city's aged is welcome to do his but for its inmates.>